Note: All times are local (and excl. GST).
Sunday 25th March 2007
Flight QF40 Auckland to Sydney (Qantas)
Departs: Auckland, New Zealand at 05:50
Arrives: Sydney, Australia at 07:20
Flight time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Aircraft: Boeing 767

Flight QF187 Sydney to Hong Kong (Qantas)
Departs: Sydney, Australia at 14:25
Arrives: Hong Kong, China at 21:55
Flight time: 9 hours 30 minutes
Aircraft: Airbus 330

Monday 26th March 2007
Flight QF3861 Hong Kong to Rome (Qantas)
Departs: Hong Kong, China at 00:05
Arrives: Rome, Italy at 07:15
Flight time: 13 hours 10 minutes
Aircraft: Boeing 747

Monday 4th June 2007
Flight BA99 London to Toronto (British Airways)
Departs: London, England at 15:15
Arrives: Toronto, Canada at 18:00
Flight time: 7 hours 45 minutes
Aircraft: Boeing 747

Monday 24th March 2008 (Proposed)
Flight QF??? Vancouver to Los Angeles (Qantas)
Departs: Vancouver, Canada at ??:??
Arrives: Los Angeles, USA at ??:??
Flight time: 2 hours 52 minutes
Aircraft: Boeing 737

Flight QF??? Los Angeles to Auckland (Qantas)
Departs: Los Angeles, USA at ??:??
Arrives: Auckland, New Zealand at ??:??
Flight time: 12 hours 40 minutes
Aircraft: Boeing 747